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The Twins - Ben & Jax Cake Smash

If you've ever wondered what having twins is like, we had a one hour taste and it's really true, double the trouble and double the fun. These two adorable little boys, Benjamin and Jaxson, have been little super stars in our studio from the time they were in their mamas belly. Busy mom Amanda has been a client of ours since her and James got engaged and she has since hired us for every family milestone. Each occasion that we have photographed has been an amazing experience, but none took the cake like this one. Our well know Sammy Cakes, who creates and prepares most of our clients cakes was also called to prepare the boys the perfect cake duo that the boys could dive into. The adorable touch of their milestone chalkboards, dapper one year old birthday suits, and what what would a 1st birthday celebration be without a birthday hat, made for an awesome variety of shots. Just before the boys dove into their yummy cakes, they got suited up in their "one year of awesomeness" onesies and smashed away. At first like most one year old children who have been told "don't touch, ta ta, stay away, don't you dare" for one full year they looked and thought we will stay away. It wasn't long before we encouraged them and gave them the go ahead that cake was from toes to head. 

We look forward to being invited to more family milestones and can't wait to see the twins keep growing up and changing. Wishing Benjamin and Jaxson even more awesomeness as the years go on.