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Lisa & Steve's Wedding | The Doctor's House & Caesar's Centre

We are continuously delighted to operate our studio in Bolton. Modern Imagery is nestled right in the heart of our hometown; and although we have many lovely clients coming from Toronto and the GTA, there is something quite special about working with people from the past. We often keep our blog posts simple and we wonder if people do indeed read these sweet little write-ups. With the matrimony of Lisa and Steve we have decided to go more in-depth and get a bit more personal. 

The wedding industry is grandiose and bustling. It becomes commonplace  for couples to feel overwhelmed and misled in today’s world of planning, picking, probing, and pinning. We see extravagant weddings on Pinterest and in the media, with celebrity couples like Kimye and Brangelina. Naturally, we feel like we “have to do it all!” So, of course, the first step is coming up with your couple nickname. Well, not quite, unless of course that’s your style. You’re likely wondering about the main point here… simply put, you truly don’t need the extravagance. Although it sounds cliché, love is the real key. 

Let’s discuss some crucial points for a wedding day that especially stood out for this couple, as well as for the people involved in their special day. Each detail of this wedding was exactly what the bride and groom wanted. With the help of TiAmo Decor the vision they had was made into a reality. It created the feeling of elegance and romance. The bride used Flower Workshop, located in Caledon, to design her soft and vintage inspired arrangements. Each arrangement was masterfully crafted, and altogether the floral decor added warmth and energy to the day. Her dress, jewellery were dazzling. Both the bride and groom were timeless and classic. The ceremony took place at The Doctor’s House Chapel in The Village of Kleinburg. We used the gardens and surrounding Kleinburg area as the backdrop for photos. When the photos were complete the couple treated their wedding party to a luncheon. — It’s great for couples to keep in mind that wedding days can be long. Feed yourselves and the honorable wedding party in order to keep the energy up. —  Once the ceremony, photos, and luncheon were complete, we all traveled back to our hometown of Caledon, for the reception to follow at Caesar's Centre. The brand new Caesars is an open-concept, bright, and inviting space with contemporary design and accents. Combined with the couple’s decor, the mood was set perfectly. The day and all the ones leading up to it were truly wonderful and seamless. 

With a clear image of a triumphant wedding day in your mind, allow us to share some tips with you. 1) Before you book any service (or anything at all) discuss with your partner what type of overall budget you both want to stay within. 2) Create a list of services and things that are most important to both of you, and then put rough numbers on each service. **Remember to have realistic expectations. If you have a particular budget, while you are shopping, keep your budget in mind. Images from Pinterest can be very alluring. Before you become attached to the look of something bring photos to vendors and get rough quotes. You want to be sure that your taste aligns with your budget. With the right vendors, you can find a way to align your desires with your budget. Once you have been given quotes by vendors and locations you may have to revise your budget to put more accurate numbers in line. 3) Begin creating your guest list. A guest list can determine the most expensive aspect of the wedding. 4) Once you have done your research, created a budget, and made up your guest list, hammer down a list of ‘mandatory’, ‘very important’, ‘slightly important’, and ‘not overly important’ services. 5) Start with booking ‘mandatory’ things first. For example, venue, officiant, invites, and etc. 6) Work your way to booking the ‘very important’ services, this helps to keep the expense and planning of such an event organized. 7) Once you get to the ‘slightly important’ things, you can decide if you need to make adjustments or cuts on services. The ‘not overly important’ things can be implemented if you are within budget, but being that they are considered the wedding extras, sometimes it’s better to cut these and put more money into services that are important to you. 8) At the end of the day we don't need to have all the glitz and glamour. We want to stay within our budgets, do our research, and above all, we have to peel everything back and remember what’s really important; you are marrying the person of your dreams. Your wedding day is just one day that begins the rest of your lives together!