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Kyle & Carmela's Fairytale Wedding in Kleinburg

Like a story from a book of fairytales, Kyle and Carmela’s wedding ceremony took place along the exquisite gardens at The Doctor’s House in Kleinburg, Ontario. The day was warm and beautiful, the sun sparkling upon Carmela’s gown, beads and sequins waterfalling from top to bottom accentuating the gowns unique details.

The first look was filled with emotion. The perfect amount of love and enchantment surrounded Kyle and Carmela as they saw one another for the first time just before walking down the aisle.

The day went more smooth than one would hope, each detail a punctuation of the bride and groom. The reception venue Villaggio Ristorante in Vaughan was so elegantly put together. Flower arrangements laced together by De Rose Designs in every corner as personalized décor whelmed perfection. A day of unforgettable exquisites, everything from a Rolls Royce entrance to delicately hand-painted cookies.