Nina & Joseph's Woodington Lake Golf Club Wedding

Rain fell soft the morning of, enhancing romance and mystique as Nina and Joseph prepared for their mid-afternoon wedding at Woodington Lake Golf Club in Tottenham. Perhaps it was the families’ warm, Italian background that lit the path toward one of the day’s most genuine moments; the kind that a daughter never forgets.

When Nina’s father walked in to see his little girl standing buttoned, laced and statuesque, he twirled her around with a tear in his eye – a tear that seemed to be a proud moment of approval before walking her down the isle and handing her to Joseph.

As the afternoon progressed, the ceremony took place at St. James Church in Colgan, where we took advantage of the stained-glass windows, photographing the wedding party before whisking off to shoot at Woodington.

Though dew laced the grounds and rain misted as we set up to photograph outdoors, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome – Well adapted and equipped with umbrellas for the wedding party and backlit studio lighting, the process was just as flawless as the bride and groom themselves.

Caught on camera in the midst of a perfect reception moment, Joseph led Nina into dance ending with a dip and sealing their first dance as man and wife with a kiss that will forever be in the minds of many.

Check out the same day edit of Nina & Joseph's highlights of the day that guests were able to watch at the reception after dinner was served.

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